Global Diversity CFP Day

Helping members of underrepresented or marginalized groups in tech write their first conference proposal.


Global Diversity CFP Day is a worldwide initiative focused on helping people from underrepresented or marginalized groups in tech submit their first talk proposal to a conference. In this one-day workshop, participants are guided through a variety of sessions. These sessions range from idea brainstorming and advice videos to crafting their bios and identifying potential content warnings.


My role

In 2019, I was part of the mentor team in Berlin. Along with nine other mentors, we helped 15 participants write their first conference proposal or come up with a potential talk idea. Throughout the day we were available to answer any questions about speaking at tech conferences.

In 2020, I took on the role of organizer and created the first workshop in Düsseldorf. This meant that I handled the logistics, assembled a coaching team, and coordinated with the Global Diversity CFP Day organization. On the day of the workshop, my role was similar to the coaching described above - with a few additional tasks. These included facilitating the presentations and enforcing the Code of Conduct.

Previous workshops in:

🇩🇪 Düsseldorf on January 18, 2020
🇩🇪 Berlin on March 2, 2019

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