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Googling my way from journalism to engineering and back

How I used a search engine to find friends and change careers in a new city.

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Googling my way from journalism to engineering and back

New Babe, New Strap

A personal essay on buying a new strap-on, written for their Strap Week series.

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New Babe, New Strap
Blog post

Creating a digital CV in Markdown on GitHub

How to build and host a digital CV using GitHub Pages and a README.md file.

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My sex toy collection as of January 2022

A peek into my personal collection of sex toys and sexual wellness products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for graphql.org

As part of Google Season of Docs, I worked with the GraphQL Foundation to create an FAQ resource.

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Majority of the week, I'm a frontend engineer focused on accessibility, design, and documentation. Beyond that, I'm a freelance journalist and editor. I'm currently the Acting Editor of Future of Sex with other recent bylines in Autostraddle, Silicon Allee, Curve Magazine, and elsewhere. Outside of work, I still try to keep a regular skincare routine and find time to binge Terrace House.

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