Interviews I've done on various software-oriented podcasts.

I'm a great podcast guest

I didn't really know what else to say about podcasts, but it's the truth! I love being interviewed on podcasts and talking about the subjects I'm passionate about (documentation, well-being, changing careers, etc). It's honestly refreshing because usually, as a journalist, I'm the one doing the interviewing. So being able to relax and have a conversation is a lot of fun 💖

Podcasts I've been on:

🎧 Getting into the tech industry through technical writing - API the Docs on May 19, 2021
🎧 Crying at work - single-threaded on Mar. 31, 2021
🎧 Improving your onboarding for early career devs - DevDiscuss on Dec. 9, 2020
🎧 My story: Journalist and Coder via SPICED Bootcamp - Develomentor on Dec. 3, 2020
🎧 Python and AI in Journalism - Talk Python To Me on Sep. 5, 2020
🎧 How to enable your team to bring their emotions to the workplace - The Culture Ops Podcast on Aug. 6, 2020
🎧 Learning my way from journalist to developer and back - DevJourney on June 2, 2020
🎧 Architecture (with Monica Lent) - Webbidevaus.fi (starting at 58:38) on June 18, 2019
🎧 Transitioning from journalism to tech - CodePrep on March 5, 2019
🎧 Live from React.NotAConf - NADCAST on May 8, 2018
🎧 Writing inclusive documentation - Write the Docs on March 22, 2018

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