The Most Important UI: You

Carolyn Stransky

Last given at the Women of React conference on April 25, 2020.


📖 Definition of self-care
"A self-initiated, deliberate act to establish and maintain physical, mental and emotional health"

📖 I won't tell you to stop working, but I can try to help you not burn out
A Medium article by Jennifer Parsons about why self-care is a problem in the tech industry.

📖 User interface on Wikipedia
The super scientific reference I used for the definition of UI.


Open-source repository full of resources, sorted by category, targeted specifically at developers and others working in tech. They also have their own Twitter bot.

🛠 You Feel Like Shit
A check-in tool that asks a series of looping questions to discover and track which areas of self-care you should focus on.

🛠 Aloe Bud iOS App
A self-care companion app where you can build out your own dashboard - balancing concrete actions, self-reflection and gentle reminders.

🛠 Mental Health Resources
List of helpline numbers and other general resources for addressing mental health emergencies.

🛠 Programming Your Hands
Exercises you can do at your desk that focus on a developer's tool of choice - hands.

A resource that reads like software docs by breaking down issues and providing actionable steps for burnout prevention and recovery.

🛠 Yoga with Adriene
Inclusive and themed online yoga practices.

🛠 It's Complicated
An online platform that helps you find a therapist.

🛠 Talkspace
Online therapy platform where you're matched with a therapist and then communicate via text or video call.

Twitter Bots

🌈 A guide to self-care Twitter bots
List of Twitter bots devoted to self-care, written by yours truly. For each bot, I cover its background, style, tweet frequency and favorite topics.

Some example bots:
🤖 @tinycarebot
🤖 @check_o_tron
🤖 @everydaycarebot
🤖 @selfcare_bot
🤖 @yayfrens

If you're feeling down, send a 🌹 to @aloebud

Online communities

🍋 100 Days of Healthing
A challenge that mimics the concept of 100 days of coding, except you commit to spending 1 hour per day on your physical, mental or emotional health for 100 days.

🍋 LemonAid
Active, supportive community for women where you can unload your struggles and share successes anonymously.

🍋 CodeNewbie
The CodeNewbie slack has a channel dedicated to mental health where you can discuss wellness in the workplace.


🎤 AnxietyTech
A conference for learning how to advocate for mental health at work and how technology can be better designed to support mental health.

🎤 You Got This
A conference for juniors covering around what's needed for a happy, healthy work-life.

Ask Yourself Daily

💖 What have I done today that feels nourishing, supportive and inspiring for my well-being?

Special thanks

Jessica Rose and Paul Adams
They helped me write the first iteration of this talk and gave me the opportunity to present it at Write the Docs Prague.

Fun fact: It was my very first talk 🥺

Dylan Schiemann
Dylan came up with the cheesy and brilliant title the talk has now! Before it was just 'Self-care in tech'.

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