New Devs on the Block

Creating and executing two-day HTML and CSS workshops.


New Devs on the Block is a free two-day workshop for web development. It aims to teach the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, along with an introduction to JavaScript. For most participants, this is their first experience coding and they walk away with a website they've built themselves. Throughout the workshop, coaches give short presentations and answer questions about life in the tech industry.


My role

During the first edition of New Devs on the Block, I was part of the coaching team. On the first day, I led various portions of the CSS section. The second day I gave an Introduction to Web Accessibility presentation and participated in an Ask Me Anything panel. Both days, I mentored participants through building their first website. After the inaugural workshop in Nürnberg, I decided to join the organizing team. This means that I'm responsible for creating and updating the workshop materials, as well as handling logistics and Code of Conduct violations.

Our next edition will be held in Vienna 🇦🇹 It was originally supposed to happen in April 2020, but we decided to postpone because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Previous workshops in:

🇩🇪 Nürnberg on July 29-30, 2019

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