The Ethics of Using GraphQL

A run-through of GraphQL's history and using it as a framework for establishing your own personal ethics.


Ethics is a niche topic in our industry. When we do finally discuss ethics, the conversation revolves around our interactions with end-users - for instance, how we’re collecting, storing, and using data. But what if the decisions we make along the way, while building our products, have an even larger ethical impact?

Open source is especially tricky territory when it comes to ethics. We tend to reach for any library or tool that will solve our problem in the moment, without thinking twice about who paid for it or the circumstances under which it was built. GraphQL also falls into this grey zone. When contemplating the ethics of a technology, do we need to consider the organization that created it? Does a foundation really make everything better?

This talk won’t give you the answers, but you should walk away with the necessary tools for establishing your own personal ethics and boundaries.

⏱️ Talk duration: 30-40 minutes

🌈 Slides and a list of resources mentioned during the presentation

Previously presented at:

🇩🇪 GraphQL Day Bodensee on September 6, 2019

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