Life is hard and so is learning GraphQL

Carolyn Stransky

Last given at the localhost conference on October 12, 2019.

Learning Resources

πŸ›  Querying Data with GraphQL
A section from the Gatsby documentation where they explain what GraphQL is, why they specifically chose it to query their data and how it works in the context of Gatsby.

πŸ›  GraphQL Glossary
A comprehensive list of important GraphQL words and acronyms curated by Apollo.

πŸ›  Facebook's Graph API Documentation
Covers commonly misinterpreted definitions (nodes, edges, fields - for instance) quite well and good introduction of thinking in terms of graphs.

Offers a solid overview of GraphQL concepts, plus it walks you through implementations in many different programming languages. Warning: Very backend-heavy.

πŸ›  A Frontend Developer’s Guide to GraphQL
A GitHub repo by Peggy Rayzis with the slides and resources from the talk she gave at Fluent Conf. She also wrote an accompanying article for CSS Tricks.

πŸ›  GitHub's GraphQL API
For those who like to "just try it out", you can experiment with data that you're already familiar with if you're using GitHub regularly.

Shameless plug, Sara and I are working on a sort of choose-your-own-adventure type of website for use case-driven learning. If you want to contribute, check out the GitHub repo.

From the Official GraphQL Documentation

⭐️ Learn
Comprehensive (and slightly excessive) collection of GraphQL concepts - however, it reads a bit dry.

⭐️ Code
Thorough list of languages, frameworks and libraries supporting GraphQL.

⭐️ Community
A variety of resources, from newsletters to podcasts, you can check out. Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive (or particularly diverse) list.


πŸ“– Does GraphQL reduce the need for documentation?
Technical writer Chris Ward investigates the self-documenting aspects of GraphQL and whether or not they could replace the need for docs.

πŸ“– GraphQL is the King. Long Live the King! (R.I.P. REST)
The article where S.C. Barrus refers to GraphQL as "another in a line of technologies that were emerging from the hipster catacombs at Facebook."

πŸ“– Use Case Driven Documentation
Tyner Blain introduces the concept of use case driven docs and where it fits in the development cycle.

πŸ“– JavaScript Monads Made Simple
β€œOnce you understand monads, you immediately become incapable of explaining them to anyone else.”

Quoted Tweets

🐦 @rstankov
🐦 @NikkitaFTW

Mentioned Talks

🎀 Andrew Johnston at API the Docs London
A look at how Shopify builds out their documentation using graphql-docs and the Jekyll static site generator.

🎀 Michelle and Faduma at London Node User Group
Around the 17 minute-mark, Michelle and Faduma discuss successful use cases for GraphQL.

Other Companies, Organizations & Tools Mentioned

🐻 BerlinJS
βš›οΈ React
βš›οΈ Gatsby
πŸ›  Apollo
πŸ›  GraphiQL
⚰️ Graphcool

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