"Intuitive" Tooling

Carolyn Stransky

Last given at the RuhrJS conference on October 6, 2019.

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πŸ›  Redux
πŸ›  GraphQL
πŸ›  Gatsby
πŸ›  Flexbox
πŸ›  React

Mentioned Talks

🎀 Don't Say Simply by Jim Fisher at Write the Docs London
A look at why we use terms like "simply" and how we can avoid it.


πŸ“– Why is Redux confusing?
A Quora article asking about learning Redux. This is where someone answered: β€œI think the best way to learn Redux is to forget trying to understand it”.

πŸ“– A Complete Guide to Flexbox
CSS Tricks' comprehensive guide to CSS flexbox layout.

πŸ“– The β€œSpiral of Silence” Theory
Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann's book that explains the Spiral of Silence, a popular political and mass communication theory.

Learning Games

πŸ‘Ύ Flexbox Froggy
A game that helps you learn the various Flexbox properties.

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